About Pura Vida

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Meet Di du Randt

Pura Vida was started by Di du Randt, who has a passion for natural, toxic-free skincare and beauty products, is strongly against animal testing, and I a green living idealist. 

The Pura Vida Story

Pura Vida stands as a genuine, ethically crafted assortment of skin and body care solutions, blossoming at the core of our haven in Hilton, South Africa. Our devotion extends to conscientiously curated skincare, a marriage of scientific precision and natural harmony. This union, in turn, empowers your skin to find equilibrium and amplify its inherent vitality, yielding skin that is both healthier and happier. The inception of Pura Vida is attributed to Di du Randt, a dedicated advocate for toxin-free, natural skincare and beauty products. With a staunch stance against animal testing and a fervent commitment to green living ideals, Di is the driving force behind our venture.

In our formulations, only pure botanical and plant-based elements find their place, excluding any presence of artificial hues, fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics, or any other harmful constituents. Upholding our ethical principles, we adamantly abstain from animal testing and any involvement with ingredients subjected to such practices.

100% Natural & Pure

Pura Vida specializes in crafting natural and organic skincare and body care items, meticulously formulated in Hilton, South Africa. Our focus lies in producing ethical products that collaborate harmoniously with your skin, enhancing its innate equilibrium.

True beauty is found in maintaining your well-being and nurturing yourself. We view skincare as an essential daily ritual, a serene interlude within the hustle of daily existence. This cherished opportunity allows for a moment of deliberate tranquility and mindfulness.

Consequently, every product is thoughtfully designed to deliver a sensory encounter, enhancing your overall experience.

Non-toxic & petrochemical free

We exclusively select ingredients that undergo minimal processing and are free from harmful chemical additives, toxins, or synthetic preservatives.

When deemed necessary, we incorporate gentle, naturally derived broad spectrum preservatives, which consist of organic compounds. This is to safeguard against microbial growth and spoilage, guaranteeing the products’ safety.

It’s important to emphasize that our formulations remain free from any petrochemicals.

Sustainable sourced raw materials​

Each ingredient we incorporate, be it oil, butter, essential oil, extract, or wax, is sourced ethically and sustainably, ensuring it’s organic, natural, and derived from nature. These components are thoughtfully chosen for their unique therapeutic advantages, and notably, they have not been tested on animals.

Handcrafted with care

Each creation we bring to life is meticulously handcrafted in small batches with utmost care. It’s worth mentioning that due to our handmade process, you may observe variations in color, fragrance, texture, viscosity, and consistency across our products.

Affordable & environmentally responsible

We intentionally opt for minimalistic, glass packaging that is recyclable. This choice not only maintains affordability but also reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

Vegan & vegetarian friendly

While the majority of our offerings are suitable for vegans, a selection of our products does incorporate ethically sourced beeswax.

Thoughtfully Sustainable

Pura Vida refrains from animal testing, and our packaging is thoughtfully designed using minimal glass and cardboard materials that are easily recyclable or repurposable. Our product ingredients are both beneficial for your well-being and environmentally friendly.

Our promise to you

Cruelty-free and tested on loved ones instead | Formulated purely, naturally, and safely | Infused with the aromatic essence of essential oils | Enriched with curative bioactive plant extracts | Handcrafted meticulously in limited quantities | Crafted holistically with a mindful conscience | Environmentally friendly and kind-hearted