Aromatherapy Massage Oil: CBD (100ml)



Massage is such a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Choose from our blended selection of soothing aromatherapeutic massage oils for a truly sensory experience. Relaxing & balancing Rose Geranium; calming & relaxing Chamomile; soothing & relaxing Lavender. CBD Oil may assist with eczema, skin rashes, skin cancer, inflammation, muscle & joint pain, headaches, fibromyalgia & period pain.


CBD Oil, & pure Essential Oils of: relaxing & balancing Rose Geranium; calming & relaxing
Chamomile; soothing & relaxing Lavender. Aromatherapy massage oils can be used as a healing treatment for the body and mind; they can lift your mood, soften and soothe your skin, or relieve sore stiff muscles.
These totally naturally oils can be used as a massage oil at home or in Beauty salons and spas. They can also be added to the bath for a luxurious and therapeutic experience. Alternatively the oil can be applied directly to the skin to moisturise, while also benefiting from the aromatherapy properties.

CBD replenishes the Endocannibinoid System (which regulates the immune system, pain receptors, and is involved in nearly every process of the body. CBD oil brings homeostasis and balance to the body and mind.

 Anxiety Relief – influences the serotonin receptors as well as other receptors that regulate fear, anxiety and depression.
 Reduces inflammation – CBD is useful for many inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis, acne, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, neurodegenerative diseases, and other conditions.
 Better sleep – because CBD can have calming effects, sleeping longer and having better quality sleep is likely to occur and can help combat the effects of insomnia. It can also help to reach deep REM sleep.
 Full of antioxidants – CBD can help stop free radicals from damaging cells in our bodies, keep the immune system strong and can also help slow the signs of premature aging in the skin.
 Improves immune response – CBD regulates the immune system to respond optimally to viruses and other diseases.
 Epilepsy and seizures – CBD oil can provide relief against seizures associated with epilepsy. It can also mitigate other types of seizures such as non-epileptic and provoked seizures.
 Fights cancer – a significant amount of studies suggest that CBD consumption could help treat symptoms of chemotherapy treatments. Some research shows that cannabinoids may slow growth or cause death of certain cancer types.
 Arthritis symptoms – can desensitize TRPV1 receptors, which may slow down inflammation.
 Eases period pains – can help reduce painful period cramps with its anti- inflammatory qualities, it is also a good muscle relaxant and aids vascular relaxation.


To apply, pour a small amount into your palm, and rub between hands to warm slightly.
Apply to affected areas or as a full body massage. For maximum absorption, body brush
or exfoliate with scrub before applying.

Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential oils


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