Hydrosol Toners: Frankincense (50ml)


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Prepare to hydrate and tone your face for your skincare ritual with the delicate range of botanical hydrosol toners, with organic Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Vegetable Glycerine.

Botanical hydrosols are nature in its purest form, water with the addition of plant essences. In its simplest state it’s a form of hydrotherapy for the skin. The skin needs water. Add in a beneficial plant essence, and the healing qualities of both benefit the skin greatly.

Witch Hazel tightens the skin. It also helps reduce swelling, helps repair broken skin & fight bacteria.
Aloe Vera is moisturising, fights ageing & treats acne. Organic Vegetable Glycerine can be used on all skin types including oily skin. Treats oily skin conditions, like acne, skin infections like eczema, wrinkles and fine lines. Attracts moisture to skin. Acts an emollient, making skin moist, soft and supple.



Spritz the face and neck after cleansing or apply to a cotton pad to remove any excess make up. For best results, apply a few drops of serum to the face & neck area after toning.

Frankincense excels at enhancing skin health.  This aromatic hydrosol purifies oily or troubled complexions, rejuvenates mature skin & can help reduce the effects of aging.  Can be used to enhance meditation.

Hydrosol, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Gel, Vegetable Glycerine


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